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Chess - Friday Night Youth Quads K-12

Dates: July 12, 2024

Meets: F from 6 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Scheels Training Room Upstairs Tr.Rm

Reg by Thursday: $17.00

There are still openings remaining at this time.


Kick off your child's weekend with an engaging activity; earn trophies, rankings, and enhance your chess game. You can come individually or with a friend and will be paired with players of similar skill level. Ideally, participants will play 3 games (each player in a set group of 4 players).

The winner of the night's quad receives a small trophy. Come back again and again to attempt to collect more trophies and trade up. (example: trade 4 small trophies for a medium trophy; trade 3 medium trophies for a larger, etc) In addition to their games, students will enjoy making new friends as they have opportunity to engage with fellow Chess4life participants!

Parents can stay on site or, if your child is responsible enough to stay, go enjoy a Friday night dinner while the kids enjoy a chess night with peers. We are not, however, able to accept responsibility for watching your child between matches, so if in doubt, please stick around. Registration cutoff is required typically by Wednesday night (some individual events have differing deadlines) or it then becomes a $22 fee the day of or at the door (IF there's room, these events can fill). NOTE: be sure to register early to save a spot! We have had to turn away participants when full occasionally. Please email us if online registration is cutoff so we can prepare proper matches for you. Parents must set up contact information prior to the events.

Players must know how to complete a game through to checkmate. Beginner or experienced, just come with a body and brain full of manners and respect, an open mind and a good attitude ready to have some fun, meet some peers and learn something new! Friday Night Quads are individual per-night registration events. To attend another Friday, you must register separately for each date by Wednesday night of that week. If you are a late registration, we still need to know you are coming by 3pm, and the fee is then $22 at the door (IF space available).

email for any late registrations.

If you have not attended one of these FRIDAY QUADS events yet, please note the following.

1) students are grouped solely by chess ratings (so first time competitors are in the 'unrated' group and after competing earn a rating, then move up the various groups)

2) Round Robin pairings are used - this means that each player in a group of 4 players (those closest to each other in rating, across ANY grade level) plays 1 game with each of the other 3 in their group. Because of playing ONLY players close to each other in rating, all 3 games are generally excellent matches, a great way to put into practice new skills! NOTE that winning more games results in a player's rating going up, leading to playing in a HIGHER rating group in a future event!

3) Top finisher in each Quad earns the special Quads Trophy. Collect 4 to trade in for the medium award. Collect 3 medium for the Big Cup!

4) TIME: because each quad is a SEPARATE mini-tournament, quads will start their 2nd and 3rd rounds whenever the 4 players in that group have finished the prior round, not having to wait for all games at quads to finish. This results in some quads finishing in 60-90 minutes - others go the 'full length' ending closer to 8:30pm. (don't wait until the last minute to pick up your student, come check on them, they may be done) We do encourage students to take their time, slow down to consider alternatives, and not rush!

5) Between games we typically have a waiting area available where we encourage students to practice, learn by reviewing the game they just played, or hang out and make new friends.

First round starts at 6pm, be ready by 5:45 - we wrap up by 8:45pm to be out before Scheels' locks the doors!


Fee: $17.00

Scheels Training Room Upstairs Tr.Rm

Scheels Map & Directions


Elliott Neff is a National Master in Chess, author of A Pawn's Journey (October 2018), and Founder/CEO of Chess4Life, which exists to help kids develop life skills through the game of chess. What began for Elliott as a childhood fascination with chess has blossomed into an opportunity to positively impact hundreds of thousands of kids per week through Chess4Life programs. Elliott enjoys sharing his love of the game and especially the benefits of chess through speaking engagements, special appearances, simultaneous chess exhibitions, and blindfold chess demonstrations. His enthusiasm for making a difference in kids' lives through this fun game is contagious as he makes strategic moves toward the goal of reaching 1 MILLION kids per week learning life skills through chess. Learn more at


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