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Backpacking 101

Dates: May 18, 2024

Meets: Sa from 9 AM to 11 AM

Location: Instructional Planning Center

Registration Fee Per Person: $35.00

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Backpacking 101

Backpacking is simply a combination of hiking and camping. It allows you to get far from civilization to explore the natural world in a new and exciting way!

In recent years, outdoor adventures have exploded in popularity with increasing numbers of people seeking to get away from the noise and clutter of our modern high-tech world.

This course will teach you everything you need to know, in a safe and fun envionment, to prepare for a safe and enjoyable backpacking trip when you're ready. It will build your confidence and help you overcome obstacles to open up a world of possibilities and experiences you'll enjoy for a lifetime! Ages 15 and up or with a participating adult parent/guardian.

Hands-on practice:
* Setting up a tent
* Cooking (and tasting!) a freeze-dried meal
* Packing and wearing a pack
* Filtering water

Why backpacking?
     -Life-changing experiences
     -Amazing priceless memories
     -Increased travel options
     -Explore the natural world
     -Great for your physical and mental health
     -Travel makes you better

Where to go - near or far with specific suggestions

When to go - how to increase your odds of great weather and fewer crowds

Who to go with

Planning logistics

How to afford:

Backpacking gear is light and compact which is ideal for airline luggage and is also great for car-camping - maximum versatility

How to make the time for your adventure - Make your dreams come true!

Avoiding crowds:


Safety considerations

    • Fire
    • Weather
    • Wild animals

Fitness tips

What to wear - apparel considerations

What about food?

    • Cooking
    • Snacking
    • What to drink

Basic navigation

The amazing night sky

Basic Photography tips

Helpful resources

Women-specific considerations

Make your bucket list and make it happen!

    • Life is short - adventure now!



Fee: $35.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)Registration Fee Per Person$ 35.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Registration Fee Per Family$ 45.00

Instructional Planning Center


Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson is an avid hiker, backpacker, traveler and adventurer. He is passionate about empowering people to get outdoors to experience the joys and benefits of spending time in nature. He is the owner of which exists to inspire and empower people through adventure travel and experiences in nature. He's constantly checking off his bucket list life experiences while continually adding more to it! As an educator, husband, and father of four, his enthusiasm for making a difference in peoples' lives is contagious!


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