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Driver's Education - FALL 2022- ROOSEVELT HS

Dates: November 1-17, 2022

Meets: Tu, W, Th, F and M from 4:15 PM to 7:15 PM

Location: Roosevelt High School E120

Enrolled-SFSD 49-5 School: $360.00

Sorry, this course is full.


Open to Grades 9-12. Check all dates before enrolling.

If classes are full, please add yourself to the waitlist and/or sign up for the Spring 2023 Email Notification (for notice when the Spring classes are open for registration). As a reminder, fall and spring classes will FIRST be opened for students that are enrolled in 9th-12th grade in a Sioux Falls School District High School in the fall (and then will be opened up to 8th graders and out of district students).

**DO NOT sign up if your student will miss more than 3 hours of classroom instruction. All homework will need to be made up and turned in prior to testing and receiving the certificate. No hours can be missed from Behind The Wheel Driving. Student must be 14 years old by the 1st day of class.

****Make sure registration is with an email that you check regularly!

Through our state certified Driver's Education program, the student will receive 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours behind the wheel training, and 6 hours of observation of a partner with the driving portion happening after the class is over.

****An email will be sent immediately after registration with exact dates/times and other pertinent information needed for the class. In addition, approximately 2 weeks before class starts, you will receive an email with a DRIVING CONFLICTS FORM for any conflicts your student will have in the approximate 1-60 DAYS after the classroom portion is completed. This will need to be filled out prior to class starting so please complete as soon as possible.

Both of these will be sent to the email address in your student's account, so please make sure an email that is checked regularly, is the one you register with.

Registration needs to be in the student's legal name as it appears on their birth certificate. Student's legal name will be printed on Driver's Education certificate to be used at the DMV - Department of Motor Vehicles. Please contact us if it is not, so we may properly adjust the name.

The written test is taken on the last day of the classroom. Once the student passes this portion and receives their stamped certificate, they are able to go to the DMV to get their instructional/learner's permit and legally start practicing on the streets. The student does not need to drive first in order to get the instructional/learner's permit. It is recommended though so that they can practice and get comfortable behind the wheel and become more confident as a driver.

Students may also obtain their learner's permit from the DMV by taking and passing the DMV written test anytime after their 14th birthday. This is not required for driver's ed, but is an option for all if you wish to start practicing driving.  


Classes fill quickly- reserve YOUR spot TODAY! To find out about registration openings, please join
the "Email Notification Only" found on our website. The email notification and waitlist does not roll over into the next session. If you have signed up in the past or would like to be notified for another session, please sign up for the next email notification available. If one is not available, please check back.

Fee: $360.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)Enrolled-SFSD 49-5 School$ 360.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Not Enrolled-SFSD 49-5 School$ 400.00

Roosevelt High School E120

6600 W 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD


Driver's Ed Driving

Levi Tvedt

Date Day Time Location
11/01/2022Tuesday4:15 PM to 7:30 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/02/2022Wednesday4:15 PM to 6 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/03/2022Thursday4:15 PM to 7:30 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/04/2022Friday4:15 PM to 7:30 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/07/2022Monday4:15 PM to 7:15 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/08/2022Tuesday4:15 PM to 7:15 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/09/2022Wednesday4:15 PM to 6 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/14/2022Monday4:15 PM to 7:15 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/15/2022Tuesday4:15 PM to 7:15 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/16/2022Wednesday4:15 PM to 6 PM Roosevelt High School E120
11/17/2022Thursday4:15 PM to 7:15 PM Roosevelt High School E120


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