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Framed Leaf Watercolor Challenge

Dates: March 29, 2023

Meets: W from 6 PM to 8 PM

Location: Joe's Garage Jewelry Studio

Registration Fee: $45.00

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See, mix, test and layer with a systematic approach to this often unruly medium. Use careful precision to recreate one leaf, with all the subtleties of color and texture that exist in early fall. Use a leaf showing a mix of persistent green and the colors of decay, or a spectacular burning example of autumn in full bloom. Working on a 5” x 7” Arches watercolor card, sketch and layer washes to build up a complex texture of colors, deepening as you go. In the end we will place reality next to artistic interpretation and frame them together. Everything is supplied, but you may bring your own supplies if you wish. Bring a leaf or choose one at class. Ages 16 & up.
Fee: $45.00

Joe's Garage Jewelry Studio

Joe's Garage Jewelry Studio
2900 S Walts Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD


Natalie Sorenson

It's time to run with scissors! Sioux Falls Community Ed is the best place to float your boat and fill your creative cup! There are so many ways to design. If you love color, texture, and enjoy the medium and the tools, you will likely blossom as you build your art! As a Jewelry Designer, Fashion Design graduate, Digital Artist, and the past ACE Knitting Lady, my focus may not be clear... I love to create, and I want you to love it too! JOE'S Garage is my studio where I have been creating JoeBobLeigh Jewelry since 2006, and have taught metals classes since 2012. Most of my classes involve torch work, like silver soldering, torch fired PMC (Precious Metal Clay), and enameling. During the colder months I also teach Brain to Brush beginning Painting, Circuit Sewing, and Lovikka Knitted Mittens. New this summer will be two Youth Classes: Bradlea Paper Dolls, and Kids Metals Camp. And finally, a personal interest in unconventional travel prompted me to teach an Airbnb Curiosity Class. -I just can't keep it in! I have lived in Sioux Falls since 1990 with my husband, where we raised our 3 daughters. Running with scissors is a metaphor for fearlessly creating!


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