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Discover Your Night Life - Dream Analysis & Self Therapy - ONLINE

Dates: October 2 - November 20, 2021

Meets: Sa from 3 PM to 4:30 PM

Location: Online Course

Registration Fee: $59.00


In dreamland, a little voice is trying to reach out to us. What is it saying? Dreaming provides a voice to unspoken feelings, information and tools to guide in enlightenment and self-realization by revealing the messages hidden in dreams. Decoding the messages in our dreams may clarify the path to personal satisfaction or self-realization. An introductory meeting will begin your study on the emotional and physiological mechanisms of dreams. You’ll receive a dream tracking sheet, chart your dreams, then return to the virtual classroom in Nov for analysis based dream science discussion. Recommended optional class reading: The Other Side of the Curtain by class instructor and Psychoanalyst, Dr. Nadia Bijaoui, in paperback or ebook.
Fee: $59.00

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Course Fee (Basic)Registration Fee$ 59.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Registration with Paperback Book$ 79.00
Course Fee (Alternate)Registration with ebook$ 65.00

Online Course

Nadia Bijaoui

I grew up in France and when I was twenty moved to Los Angeles where I lived most of my life, before moving to Sioux Falls to be near my three children and my grandchildren. My background includes extensive health research and I love teaching. I have taught from Montessori level (pre-school) to University students. My research on dream science was published in 2019 by The International Journal of Dream Research. I have since added a new description, 'Or The Power of Dreaming', to a non-fiction book of survival I had published, 'The Other Side of The Curtain: Recovering from Deep Coma', because there are seven dreams in it. I have worked for the Sioux Falls School District at John Harris, Kids Inc., am an Online Adjunct Faculty at South New Hampshire University, and the rest of the time I enjoy my family or work at my company,, as a life/health coach.

Dr. Nadia Judith Bijaoui, Medical Board of California Certified Research Psychoanalyst.

Date Day Time Location
10/02/2021Saturday3 PM to 4:30 PM Online Course
11/20/2021Saturday3 PM to 4:30 PM Online Course


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