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Who’s In Control - You or Your Emotions?

Dates: April 7, 2022

Meets: Th from 6 PM to 8 PM

Location: Instructional Planning Center

Registration Fee: $35.00

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Emotional IQ. EQ! How much of an impact do you think your emotions are having on that area of your life? The short answer is--A LOT! We think we're rational human beings making decisions based on logic; the truth is: our emotions fuel everything we do/don't do and everything we say/don't say. Research shows that your IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) is responsible for 15% of your success and your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is responsible for 85% of your success. The good news: You CAN increase your emotional intelligence and that's when changes start to happen. In this class we'll do just that-immediately start to increase your EQ!
Fee: $35.00

Instructional Planning Center


Fay Prairie

Fay Prairie is a certified counselor, personal life coach and speaker specializing in relationships and POSITIVE, empowering mindsets. She helps set you free from stress, anxiety, worry, negativity, DEPRESSION AND FRUSTRATION so you can start creating a life and relationships that you're excited to wake up to!


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