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Growth! Stop the Worry

Dates: April 8, 2021

Meets: Th from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Instructional Planning Center North Room A

Registration Fee: $35.00

Do you ever feel overly concerned about a situation or a problem - preoccupied with “what ifs” and “worst-case scenarios?” Worrying can sap your emotional energy, send your anxiety levels soaring, and interfere with your relationships and daily life along with triggering a host of numerous health issues. Worrying is a mental habit that can be broken. Learn to train your brain to turn off those worrisome thoughts, increase relaxation, and view life from a less fearful perspective. Life and relationships are more enjoyable when you can break the 'worry' habit, and turn off those fearful thoughts.

Fee: $35.00

Instructional Planning Center North Room A

Instructional Planning Center-


Fay Prairie

Fay Prairie is a certified counselor, personal life coach and speaker specializing in relationships and POSITIVE, empowering mindsets. She helps set you free from stress, anxiety, worry, negativity, DEPRESSION AND FRUSTRATION so you can start creating a life and relationships that you're excited to wake up to!


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