Take Back Family Time! Freezer Meals Menu 2

**If registering after 10.12.15, the menu for meals you will be putting together will be the menu from our first class - please call 367-7606 for details** Hectic fall schedules with back to school and family activities? Reclaim your family time back by resolving to be less stressed and frustrated over "what's for dinner?" Prepare ten freezer meals for two weeks or more when meals can be split for smaller families! Using Tastefully SimpleĀ® products, prepare meals such as smoky bbq sliders and creamy bayou bourbon chicken. Let the cook enjoy fall and simplify family evenings by spending less time in the kitchen! Free your time and the rest will follow! Student responsible for grocery list and pre-class preparation upon registration. Bring a large cooler with your groceries and then use to transfer your meals home. Registration fee includes all Tastefully Simple product.


Spinach & Herb Meatballs

Drunken Steak

Merlot Burgers (or Meatloaf)

Garlic & Herb Roast

Vidalia Shredded Pork (or Chicken)

Herb Grilled Chicken (or Pork Chops)

Creamy Spinach Chicken

Bacon Ranch Chicken (or Port Chops)

Onion Onion Chicken (or Pork Chops)

Vidalia & Bacon Chicken


Grocery List

Shop your own cupboards first or share with friends to save money! Feel free to substitute to accommodate your family's needs (for instance, if you prefer chicken breasts to thighs, substitute!)

1 lb. frozen meatballs (can be turkey or chicken)

2 lbs. steak (your choice

2 lbs. ground beef. turkey or chicken

2-3 lb. pork or beef roast (or roasting chicken)

3 lb. boneless pork roast (or 4-6 chicken breasts)

12-18 chicken breasts or pork chops

8-12 chicken breasts

1 package uncooked bacon (can be turkey)


Dry & Canned Goods

2-3 cups breadcrumbs (may need extra if making burgers and using ground turkey or chicken)

10.5 oz. can cream of mushroom soup

26 oz. can cream of chicken soup

1 cup chicken broth (optional)

Ranch dressing (liquid)

Olive oil or Roasted Garlic Infused Oil


Cold Foods/Dairy

1 l/3 cup sour cream

1 cup milk

1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

2 cups Parmesan cheese



10-20 resealable gallon-sized freezer bags

Paper towels and/or or disinfectant wipes

Large and small mixing bowl

Cutting board Meat knife or scissors

Fork or tongs

Mixing spoon

Measuring cups and spoons


The following are optional

Glad Press-N-Sea wax paper

Ziploc Perfect Portions bags

Rubber/plastic glove

Freezer safe loaf pan

Burger press

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