Cultural Diversity - Raising a Child in America

Look around Sioux Falls and in the hallways of our schools - cultural diversity is where you LIVE! Join Clara Hart sharing her personal experience raising daughters in America. A native of Mozambique, she and her family were forced from the country and were refugees in Tanzania, the Sudan, Zaire, and Kenya. A panel of parents from around the world with children in the English Language Learners program will share their experiences of raising children in Sioux Falls and in America. Celebrate cultural differences and human likenesses, along with the struggles, traditions, and diversity that makes up our world! The countries to be represented - Burma, Bhuttan and Kenya! Coffee will be served from Puerto Rico but with a mixture of Dominican Republic Culture. This year we are going to serve Coffee from Puerto Rico. The parent panel will represent these countries listed below: 1. Bhutan, Dil Bujel 2. Burma, Klaw Reh 3. Kenya, Osman Bakari 4. India, not yet confirmed, but may be the new Human Rights Community Coordinator, Mrs. Vandhana Baireddy Strong Coffee from Puerto Rico. The representative from Puerto Rico will be present to serve and explain the coffee history of Coffee and when and how it is served. Mrs. Mayra.

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