Empowerment! Series

**Rescheduled to:  April 18, April 25 & May 9**

Stop Overwhelming Feelings
Barely managing to hold up your sky-high pile of commitments and stressors? Conquer feelings of being overwhelmed - constant pressure, anxiety, or irritation! Empower yourself through mastering tips that focus your energies into balancing the important "stuff" while keeping your sanity, health, and happiness!

Positive Mindsets
Consumed with anger, frustrations, regrets, or worries about the future that are draining your emotions? Develop positive thoughts to attract positive, uplifting energy, excitement, happiness, and peace. Stop the spin cycle, change your mindset, and create the outcomes you desire! Positive Mind - Positive Vibes - Positive Life!

Dealing with Difficult People
Create a life and relationships that empower you! Tested by toxic, negative, or cruel people who defy logic and are seemingly unaware of the harm they are causing or worse, seem to derive satisfaction from it? Learn techniques and behaviors to implement immediately with your boss, customer, family member, child, or even strangers to better manage and defuse such situations. Stop the frustration, stress, fright and hurt and take back your health!

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